what is a great recipe for home-made bolognese pasta sauce?



healthierkitchen November 24, 2010
My recipe is up on this site:

Chef's H. November 24, 2010
This is my personal recipe:
Heat up a pan without any fat or fluids, and cook fresh mushrooms with freshly grounded pepper over it. When they are getting a little brown touch, remove them from the fire, and in the same pan, bake 100-200gr. of bacon. When the bacon is halfway done, add fresh (red of green) paprika. Wait untill the bacon gets crispy.

Now heat some butter in a large pot.
When it's hot, add 1-2 (depends on size) chopped onions and 2 fresh cloves of garlic. When the onion gets glassy, add the minced beef.
Stir sometime untill all the meat is nice and brown. If you notice the meat getting too dry, add a little olive oil.
When the meat is well done, add 800gr. of tomatoes (canned and with juice).
Ground fresh pepper over it, along with a handful of basil (more when they're fresh), thyme, oregano, a tiny bit of cayenne pepper and a good splash of Worcestershire sauce
Stir in all the ingredients and add 2-3 tbsp of honey.
Stir again, and on a medium fire, let the sauce cook (shouldn't be boiling) for about an hour.
Stir sometimes, so the layer of liquid that will be on top of the sauce, mixes with the meat again.
The secret of this sauce is the 1 hour cooking, so the ingredients can match up perfectly.
After an hour, thicken the sauce using cornstarch (not sure this is the right word) and mix in freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
Leave some cheese to spread over the spaghetti. You can preheat the dishes, so the spaghetti doesn't get cold too soon.

This sauce has my own touch, and I find it the best.
I am sorry if some of the terms are quite confusing, but English is not my first language.
mtrelaun November 24, 2010
Marco Canora's bolognese is fantastic: http://nyti.ms/gtvOuc
nutcakes November 24, 2010
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