Text box for replies still doesn't work well. Where is the User Inferface? Scroll doesn't work for some web browsers.

I don't care if we 'should' use IE Explorer, or even a another web browser. The fact is that typing in text into text window on Hotline doesn't understand a 'Return' at end of text box...and you have to use up arrow keys..if you know that.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • March 4, 2013


Linn March 5, 2013
Yes, text box for replies needs work.
Maedl March 4, 2013
I agree: the text box needs some work. I don't have the same problems as Sam, but responding to questions is much more awkward than it needs to be.
Sam1148 March 4, 2013
To expand...when I type in a reply...after the text box is filled. The 'return' key doesn't work to add a new line of text. And there is no scroll bar on the reply box. The up/down keys work. But, it's still rather difficult. For a user experience.
Yes, I can try to work around the flaw...but there is a flaw. There should preview before post button...but that's blue sky if the text box isn't fixed. Unless we're just tweeting 254 characters to each other.
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