how do you make a really good shepherds pie?



pierino November 24, 2010
I'm down with what usuba dashi say's here. Fortunately I live in lamb country, and I'm able to buy really good fresh lamb locally as opposed to the stuff from Australia and NZ which sells at Costco and smells "off" from the moment you open the package. While I do approve of the "snipping" technique I do actually grind my own and season it by hand.
pauljoseph November 24, 2010
try this recipe
usuba D. November 24, 2010
Think like a shepard . . we are talking lamb. The original was made from lamb. Now keep thinking like a shepard . . they did not have a meat grinder, instead they would cut the lamb into small dice and cook very slowly to break down the dice into shreds ( much like real Southwest chili is made). If you start this way as a base, use a recipe for all the other bits, you will end up with the best shepard's pie ever. My recipe is never the same every time, except for the lamb, since I use what come out of my garden at what time of the year.
Lucia F. November 24, 2010
This was my mom's recipe. And you can use whatever meat you's like-
drbabs November 24, 2010
Here are two from the site that you might try:
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