duck confit expiry date

I have had my duck confit for about 10 months. It is refrigerated, in a sealed glass jar. The expiry date is February 2013. Is it safe to eat?



queensland March 9, 2013
Thank you. I served it warm over salad greens with a little Asian style dressing.

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HalfPint March 8, 2013
I'm inclined to say 'yes'. It's never been opened, so the oxygen and buggies haven't had a chance to spoil the meat. I would open it, smell, and taste. There shouldn't be any off odors or flavor.
pierino March 8, 2013
Keep in mind that the confit itself is intended to preserve the duck. As long as it is sealed tight it ought to be okay.
queensland March 9, 2013
Thank you. I couldn't detect any off odours and the flavour is just fine.
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