Bulgur-pumpkin seed burger recipe

Does anyone have a recipe for a bulgur pumpkin seed burger? I just had a delicious one as takeout and have tried googling a recipe to no avail.

Nina Terrell
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1 Comment

Elizabeth R. March 12, 2013
Was it just those two ingredients, or was there a binder as well, like beans or lentils or TVP? I googled "bulgur patties" and this was the first thing that popped up:
so you could probably tweak it to your liking (with aforementioned lentils/chickpeas/TVP/etc), and then throw in the pepitas (whole or pulsed). Similarly, you could also look at a kibbeh recipe and tailor it to your liking, until you've got a facsimile of your takeout place's veggie burger. Hope this helps!
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