Moroccan Feast Brainstorm

I'm making a Moroccan feast this weekend to break in my new Le Creuset tagine (hooray!) and I have a few question for the hotline.

Has anyone used this specific tagine before? It looks quite small, and I am wondering how many pounds of lamb shoulder will be able to brown and then stew in its base. Ideally, I would like to serve three hungry people.

Also, any Moroccan-themed sides and desserts that this feast wouldn't be complete without? Preferably ones without preserved lemons. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has an aversion to them. Thank you!



ChefJune March 13, 2013
I'd be heading straight for the library and Paula Wolfert's book "Couscous and Other Good Things from Morocco." It's been updated recently, but even an old edition will give you much info and many ideas. Bon Appetit!
Sam1148 March 13, 2013
Moroccan Flat bread. An Articoke Salad, or Cucumber Yogurt Salad,
Raw Raddishes.
And of course Couscous. Or try this Califlower couscous.
This Cabbage and Pomgegranate salad looks interesting
PamiHoggatt March 13, 2013
Over here in the UK we are in the middle of the Great British Menu competition and one of the chefs, Mchael Smith, cooked an amazing goat tagine with sides galore and the whole thing got rave reviews! He would probably send the recipes if you email or tweet him. His twitter is @kiltkuisine. Otherwise Jamie Oliver had a series where he did an episode in Marrakech and made some twists on authentic Morrocan dishes. I've made the mechoui lamb which was fantastic. Hope that helps!
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