Jenny Perillo's New Cookbook

Jenny's cookbook is now available via! I love her recipes, and can't wait to receive it.

  • Posted by: Bevi
  • March 13, 2013


Panfusine March 14, 2013
Thanks Bevi, just checked out my cart with the book!
Panfusine March 14, 2013
I saw that its on pre order and added it to my list , but has it been released yet?
Bevi March 14, 2013 shipped my pre-ordered copy 2 days ago, so I know you can order it that way.
creamtea March 14, 2013
It looks beautiful!
bugbitten March 14, 2013
Hi, fellows, who is Jenny for us uninitiated? Is this book devoted to baking?
mrslarkin March 14, 2013
It's all kinds of food. click on the above link from Bevi. Jenny is a fellow food52er.
mrslarkin March 13, 2013
how exciting!!
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