Ramen in New York City

My daughter and I are heavily into ramen and will be in New York next week for a few days during spring break. We've been reading up and have learned about Ippudo, Totto and Hide-Chan, and of course Momofuku. But I wonder places (and specific bowls)any of you like, and why? Thanks for any tips!



calendargirl March 24, 2013
Oh, and pierino --- I have added Cho Dang Gol to my list for the next trip, too. Many thanks for that!
calendargirl March 24, 2013
Update: We had a great time at Ippudo --- arrived 20 minutes before they opened for dinner and got the last two seats. We had the Modern (with extra kakuni) and it was filling and just plain scrumptious. The call and response between the waiters and the line cooks was noisy but fun (we were seated at the bar overlooking the kitchen), and we were able to ask questions and chat with the cooks. Thanks so much for the tips! Next trip, Brooklyn!
Amanda H. March 24, 2013
So glad to hear your follow-up, and thrilled that you liked it!
pierino March 16, 2013
Not exactly a noodle shop but I'm crazy about Cho Dang Gol on 35th between 6th and Broadway. It's the full on Korean experience. Comes with all the banshan and stuff. Get your kimchi on.
Cristina S. March 16, 2013
Just to add to that list: I also like Rai Rai Ken, and if you're in Brooklyn, Ganso is pretty good.
ChezHenry March 16, 2013
Agreed. Lunch is not much better! I'd show up directly at 12 noon to avoid a long wait. In addition to the Akimura Modern version, they usually have a "Ramen of the day" special, and I've had one with squid ink noodles that was exquisite. All of them are very special, but a few of my foodie friends have all independently settled in on the Akimura Modern like I did. If you're hungry and work your way through the Ramen, for a few bucks extra you can get another set of noodles for your broth, but I've never been able to do it!
calendargirl March 16, 2013
Thanks so much, ChezHenry and Amanda. We will aim for an early bowl at Ippudo and let you know if we manage to discover any others. Especially appreciate the steer toward the Akimura Modern.
Amanda H. March 15, 2013
Love Ippudo as well. But you have to show up by 6 unless you want to wait forever.
ChezHenry March 15, 2013
Ippudo Akimura Modern is the way to go. I've been around the world of Ippudo's Ramen, and have turned many onto the Modern. Its even famous at their Tokyo restaurant.
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