4 Lbs. of meat for 4-6 people seems like a lot, at least for us. Is the leg of lamb 4 lbs. prior to de-boning?

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Spiced Leg of Lamb on the Grill
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Summer O. March 19, 2013
Lloreen I agree, I was going to say, 4lbs. would serve about 10 around here. Just making sure I'm not missing anything.
lloreen March 19, 2013
Personally I never serve more than a half pound of meat per person. i would eat about 4 ounces per meal myself. also, I like to have at least one simple hors d'oeuvre, one substantial veggie and a big salad with every meal so a giant slab of meat is too much unless i am entertaining 20 year olds (or if i really want to have lots of leftovers - nothing wrong with that!) Just adjust the portion size depending on your level of carniverousness,
Monita March 19, 2013
From the recipe it appears to be 4ibs boneless lamb. It says serves 4-6; 6 is probably more like it
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