I've had a block of velveeta cheese in my fridge for a long time, it was free when I bought a meal deal. What can I do with it to use it?

  • Posted by: Martin69
  • November 24, 2010


mrslarkin November 24, 2010
Velveeta makes a really great gooey grilled cheese sangwidge.
campagnes November 24, 2010
My roommate makes mac and cheese with Velveeta, butter, and a little pasta water. The pasta water is key; for some reason, it doesn't taste right without it.

I second the Velveeta/Rotel dip suggestion. You could also throw 1/2 pound of cooked sausage in there. Good.

There's also broccoli casserole, which happens to be a good Thanksgiving side: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Broccoli-Casserole-II/Detail.aspx Full of fake stuff and definitely not healthy, but somehow, it works.
pierino November 24, 2010
Philly cheese steaks. Shave up some rib eye, slap it in a bun "wit" some onions and melted Velveeta.

I think we should make a preemptive strike on Philadelphia before they develop a real nuclear weapon.
TiggyBee November 24, 2010
The only thing I can think of, off the top of my head would be for a creamy baked mac & cheese. The velveeta will help keep things nice and creamy, rather than too dry.
bexcahlik November 24, 2010
cheese dip? Microwave the Velveeta with a can of Ro-tel...this is pretty much the only way I use Velveeta.
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