Can I use any whole wheat flour here?

No Knead Country Loaf
Recipe question for: No Knead Country Loaf


AntoniaJames March 25, 2013
Let us know how it turns out! I'm planning to make it as well, but using one dramatically different technique (one I use when working with sticky flatbread doughs), about which I'll report later. ;o)
meganvt01 March 25, 2013
Fantastic - thanks AJ. I will be weighing my dry ingredients and I am super excited to try this.
AntoniaJames March 25, 2013
That should be "I'd substitute a few tablespoons of rye flour." ;o)
AntoniaJames March 25, 2013
You should be able to! I'd substitute about 25% at most, for the first round, and use bread flour for the balance, as you'll need the extra gluten. And I'd add substitute a few tablespoons of rye flour, too, for extra flavor! (It won't taste like rye, but will bring out the sweetness in the whole wheat and make the loaf taste great!) But wait. This assumes that you are weighing the dry ingredients. Will you be doing that? If not, I'll need to check the relative density of the two flours to give you an accurate response. ;o)
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