2kilo bone out ham cooking time?

2 kilo ham, I don't think it's pre-cooked. Boneless. Would like to cook at 325F convection, covered in tinfoil until the last half hour. What's your recommended cooking time? 3 hours?



trampledbygeese April 1, 2013
Thanks guys. It turned out great.

For some reason I'm not getting my mails from the hotline any more, so I didn't see your reply till this morning... I haven't changed any settings, so, is it something different in my mail server or the food52 site?
shoresdiver April 1, 2013
My rule of thumb is about 30 min. per pound for a ham that size, so I would expect it to be done in about 2 1/2 hours. A check with a thermometer for 160 degrees is the best way to know when you are done!
sdebrango March 31, 2013
So your ham is about 4.5 lbs? If it's a fresh ham it would need to cook longer than a cured ham. Do you have a meat thermometer? If so it is done at 170 degrees and you should take it out of the oven at 160, cover loosely with foil and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Here is a recipe for fresh ham, it's much larger but you can get an idea of cooking time for your ham http://food52.com/recipes/14735-new-year-s-day-fresh-ham. I think it should take about an hour maybe a bit longer depending on your oven.
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