Help! making pork carnitas. Recipe calls for Mexican oregano. Is marjoram a good sub? I found fresh at the store, but I don't want to ruin th

Meghann Cantey


Regine April 5, 2013
I myself hate oregano so I don't think you will miss it either. D)
Why don't you try fresh cilantro? It is very good and very "Mexican." In fact, if there is an herb that is used a lot in Mexican food, it is cilantro more so than "regano.
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Yeah! I agree with HalfPint, especially on the part about marjoram not ruining the carnitas. They will be delicious no matter what, so just go with your instincts and HAVE FUN in the kitchen!
HalfPint April 5, 2013
You sure can. It's not going to ruin the carnitas. Might taste slightly different, but marjoram would be a good substitute.
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