cheese with no animal rennet

I need to know which cheese uses vegetable based rennet.

  • Posted by: Em
  • April 10, 2013


Maedl April 11, 2013
I buy much of my cheese at Whole Foods and all I need to do is look at the labels. I bought fresh mozarella yesterday and had a choice of mozzarella made with Jersey cows' milk and veg rennent or non- specific cows' milk and regular rennet. I choose the Jersey version, not because of the rennet but for the Jersey milk.Nice to know what I am buying!
petitbleu April 10, 2013
More and more, labels are being changed to reflect the type of rennet used, and more and more cheese producers are using vegetarian rennet to appease their customers. Vegetarian rennet is made from a fungus, Mucor miehei.
Many cheese makers will use vegetarian rennet for soft, un-aged or bloomy rind cheeses but will use animal rennet for hard, aged cheeses. This is because veg rennet may cause bitterness in long-aged cheeses.
In any case, you should be able to ask a cheesemonger at a decent cheese shop or at a supermarket with a good cheese counter. They should be able to tell you.
Droplet April 10, 2013
Here is an extensive list of cheeses and cheese farms that use vegetarian rennet:
wssmom April 10, 2013
Kosher or pareve cheese does not contain rennin, nor does cheese specifically labelled vegetarian. Also, paneer is one cheese that uses no rennet.
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