Can I partially grill pork baby back ribs for 2 1/2 hours now at 275, refrigerate, then finish them off for an hour later?



QueenSashy April 25, 2013
me too...
dymnyno April 25, 2013
I usually slow roast bbback ribs in the oven, seasoned with just a little salt and pepper for at least a couple of hours (225) before I slather on the sauce and finish on the grill at a low flame. The inside of the meat becomes very tender and the grilled outside is caramelized and not burned. It is important to use a very moderate flame when doing the final grilling to avoid burning the sauce and ending up with blackened ribs.
inpatskitchen April 25, 2013
I do ribs exactly the same way as the oven on low heat and then sauce and grill for just a short time.
Chef T. April 25, 2013
If you are par cooking the ribs I would recommend a lower temperature, 225°, using indirect heat on the grill. When the ribs start to pull away from the bones, take them off the grill. While they are still warm wrap them individually in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil. Either place them in an oven set at 160°, or in an empty Thermos type cooler to stay warm. They can stay warm for an hour without getting concerned. When you need them finished remove the foil and plastic and return them to the grill.
Warm them over direct heat to give them a little char and smoky flavor. If you sauce them, do so over indirect heat so the sauce does not burn. This method is used in most of the BBQ rib competitions.
ChefJune April 24, 2013
If you GRILL ribs for 2/12 hours, they will be burnt on the outside, and likely not cooked through. We've always par-cooked ribs in the oven (covered) and then finished them on the grill. (imho the best way to do them would be in a smoker, low and slow, but I don't have one, and neither do most of the folks I know.)
mbergner April 24, 2013
I have also done that with no problems. Just be sure they are done (soft enough).
rt21 April 24, 2013
Yes I have done it many times with great success
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