This actually is kind of food related. Anyone who gets IFC on their cable or dish service might want to tune in to the "Portlandia" marathon tomorrow evening (April 26). A lot of the episodes deal with dining experiences, as in "Is it local?" or the B&B where breakfast hours are from 8:00 to 8:30. I may have to stay up all night for this.

  • Posted by: pierino
  • April 25, 2013


Greenstuff April 28, 2013
I have not seen too many episodes of Portlandia, but we do name all our chickens now.
lorigoldsby April 27, 2013
The episode where they were going to meet the mayor for brunch! And the communal table dining experience! My husband cracks me up when he repeats the line...do you have a pic of him with his wing around one of his friends? " But what is scary funny is the real commercial for insurance that parodies the "is it local?" episode!
pierino April 27, 2013
Brunch village! I was actually out of bed at 4:00 a.m. today watching the final episodes of the marathon. And then after that I actually lived through an episode of "Pasolandia". I went to a local coffee shop for a shot of espresso. The guy in front of me was wearing a wife beater with a tat as bad as Eddie Vedder with tambourines. He ordered some exotic coffee drink like a "triple grande half and half with palm sugar". He threw his change, 3 cents in the tip jar. 3 CENTS???? I asked the "baristess", "did that guy just tip you three cents?" I wanted to break his spine.
petitbleu April 25, 2013
Also: we can pickle that!
pierino April 25, 2013
Or else..."Put a bird on it."
Panfusine April 25, 2013
Downton Abbey and Portlandia.. WHY on earth did I give these a miss?? AAARGH!
amysarah April 25, 2013
Oh no! Portlandia marathons are my kryptonite (along with Larry Sanders, but no food connection there.) Resistance is futile; it's impossible to watch just 1 or 2, even if you've seen them all before. I especially love the food/restaurant bits - so apt and funny. (Also, Aimee Mann as their cleaning lady. Too good.)
pierino April 26, 2013
And then there was Steve Buscemi trying to use the bathroom at the feminist bookstore.
sdebrango April 25, 2013
I love Portlandia and saw while watching IFC last night that they are doing a marathon. Will definitely watch and DVR, it's such a great show. I love both episodes you mentioned.
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