Does unopened dijon mustard go bad or does it have a pretty long shelf life? I have 2 large jars of it - 2 yrs old. Garbage?



pierino November 24, 2010
Most likely not spoiled but probably won't taste as good. Instead of eating it straight from the jar you might work on blending it into other preparations, say like a remoulade or spread it on chicken breasts (or rabbit) before sauteeing them in sizzling oil with onions. Calves liver anyone?
mrslarkin November 24, 2010
Thanks all! Mustard goes with turkey, right? ;-)
Pat E. November 24, 2010
it's fine...very acidic and nothing there to spoil
Kayb November 24, 2010
I'm with TiggyBee on this. Should be fine.
TiggyBee November 24, 2010
If it's unopened, I'm thinking it's good.
drbabs November 24, 2010
Does it have an expiration date on it? It could be ok--it's pretty acidic. I guess you could open one and look at it and smell it. And, you know, if in doubt...
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