I have a jar of mustard the is leaking. Can mustard go bad?

A jar of whole grain Dijon Mustard was just delivered to me via Amazon and it is leaking. I’ve resolved the matter with them but I think it was a computer chat so I wasn’t able to ask if this mustard is bad. The jar is intact it is just leaking and the product does seem to be bubbling nor does it have a bad smell. Can mustard go bad? Thank you very much!

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SillyBee August 8, 2020
Jarred food products are usually sealed using some form of heat (think homemade jam in mason jars). This sterilizes the food and creates a vacuum so that pathogens have a hard time surviving. If the mustard is leaking, it sounds like the internal vacuum seal has been broken in transit. You can check the pop button on the black lid. I guess that's a long winded answer for "I would toss the guy to be on the safe side."
gotligirl August 9, 2020
Thank you very much!
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