Shared lunch at university tomorrow, limited time to prep after work tonight. Ideas? Sweet or savoury!

I have to bring a plate tomorrow for lunch. I want something easy but special, I was thinking World Peace cookies or maybe small sandwiches. Any other ideas?

  • Posted by: Cait
  • March 11, 2014


bigpan March 11, 2014
Definitely go "savoury". I would make a rice casserole that can be served warm or cold. Basic Chinese take-out mixed rice. Cooked rice with a healthy mix of peas, chopped onion, baby shrimp, chopped Chinese sausage or chopped pork or chicken. Some bits of mushroom if you want (pre cooked, chopped), and dress with some sweet and sour, or for "bite", dress with sweet Thai chili sauce and chopped kimchi. Make extra because everyone will want seconds and you want some to take home for your dinner !
kimhw March 11, 2014
How about Swedish meatballs? Easy to make, easy to heat in a crockpot.
Sam1148 March 11, 2014
and garlic in the dressing (DOH!)
Sam1148 March 11, 2014
Defrost a bag of baby lima beans and then cook them just a bit--much less than package specs. They should have some crunch. Very lightly cooked. IN fact sometimes just a microwave defrost will be enough. Taste for texture.

Put that in a bowl in the fridge.
Make a dressing with lemon juice, olive oil, a touch of powdered mustard, a bit of water, oregano.
Dress the lima beans with that--let it sit overnight.

Chop up some parsley and feta cheese. (option) some cherry tomatoes for color. Put that in the fridge.

Right before work. Put in the feta cheese/parsley/tomatoes, mix and season with salt and pepper.

This is served chilled or at room temp.

Careful on the salt as you'll be adding feta cheese crumbles. So taste and season (always).
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