Having trouble squeezing ginger juice. Any tips?

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Cecilia H. May 27, 2013
I have a small vegetable juicer and use that to juice my ginger. It saves a step of squeezing it after.
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sstalnaker May 26, 2013
Grate the ginger finely using either a box grater or a ginger grater. Place the pulp in a thin cloth napking, or even an old but clean handkercheif and twist the loose ends closed forming a small ball of pulp. By twisting the loose end tighter you'll be able to wring a surprising amount of juice from the pulp. Make sure to use really fresh ginger. If your ginger is shrivled you won't get much juice.
JMaxine May 26, 2013
I use a garlic press.Most of the pulp stays in the press and the juice flows through.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 26, 2013
Posted today as a feature article, http://food52.com/blog/6727-tips-for-juicing-ginger
Panfusine May 25, 2013
Try using a wasabi grater, the fish shaped one that dymnyno mentioned. it really mushes up the ginger well and extract the maximum possible juice.
I always leave the juice to stand for about 10 minutes after squeezing before using it. There is a layer of a fine white starchy powder that gets left behind that I discard after draining the top liquid. (the general consensus from traditional granndmother's wisdom was that it was not good to ingest it, Don't ask me why, don't know..)
Sam1148 May 22, 2013
Your best bet is a Ginger Grater: A ceramic or metal device with little teeth. Some even have a collection trough at the bottom; but gather up the ground bits and squeeze them well to get all the juice. (you could use that tech with a microplane).
Most Asian stores will have those or online sources.
dymnyno May 22, 2013
Yes! I forgot that I have one...it is shaped like a little fish and has little "teeth" in the center. It is great for grating , but I'm not sure about juicing.
dymnyno May 22, 2013
Maybe try a garlic press, if you have one.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 22, 2013
Here it is! http://food52.com/blog/4194-how-to-avoid-mincing-ginger-a-silver-medal-hack
Summer O. May 22, 2013
This was the winner of your best kitchen hack as I recall. Does anyone know where that could be found?
aargersi May 22, 2013
Do you have a lime or lemon squeezer? I grate the ginger on the large side of my box grater then press it in a citrus squeezer. There is a kitchen hack on this site that is similar but she hand squeezes it - I just find it works a bit better for me in the lime thingy.
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