non-meat substitute for prosciutto?

I'm making a side dish of chard with pine nuts and gorgonzola. The recipe also calls for a small amount of prosciutto. I was thinking of substituting oil-cured kalamata olives to give it the salty, chewy quality, but I wondered if someone had a better idea?

  • Posted by: drkate
  • May 24, 2013


ATG117 May 24, 2013
I'd leave it out and add in sultanas or unsweetened craisins. Though different than prosciutto, it will add another texture and flavor
Hilarybee May 24, 2013
I think ricotta salata might be nice.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 24, 2013
Anchovies, cooked with the chard will impart a salty, nutty flavor.
mrslarkin May 24, 2013
yes! also, sweet white miso will give you that same savory-salty-umami thing.

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mrslarkin May 24, 2013
Sun dried tomatoes might be tasty, too.
amysarah May 24, 2013
I think your idea of oil cured black olives sounds great - good with all the ingredients. In fact, it might even be better that way!
HalfPint May 24, 2013
How about some coarsely grated hard cheese, like parmesan or pecorino romano?
Monita May 24, 2013
What about a cured fish or gravalax
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