A question about a recipe: Salt & Pepper Babyback Ribs

I have a question about the recipe "Salt & Pepper Babyback Ribs" from lisina. Could these be done in the oven?

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Salt & Pepper Babyback Ribs
Recipe question for: Salt & Pepper Babyback Ribs


aargersi May 31, 2013
Yes! What I would do is wrap them in heavy foil and cook them low and slow - 225 for an hour or so, then at the end unwrap and run them under the broiler to crisp them up. The longer on the low / wrapped stage, the more they will be fall-off-the-bone, and ideally you really want to grab the meat and pull it off with your teeth, but I HAVE done ribs much longer and they fell off the bone on their own ...
pierino May 31, 2013
"Much longer" and at lower temp is probably better still. You can spend a whole day on this if you have the time. Ribs can't be rushed.
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