How to make Khoresh Sabzi without meat?

I love khoresh sabzi, but sometimes I want to make it vegetarian. I've had veg versions that have been great. Any tips for a meatles khoresh sabzi?

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  • Posted by: Rivka
  • June 19, 2013


krusher June 23, 2013
Loving your work in preserving and celebrating your heritage and your food. Fantastic. Thanks.
Louisa S. June 23, 2013
Thank you krusher, that is so kind!
Louisa S. June 19, 2013
Hey Rivka! In my book, I have a recipe for khoresh sabzi, aka ghormeh sabzi, aka green herb and kidney bean stew. I use tofu that's been frozen, then thawed and baked, to give it a meaty, toothsome texture, and it works really well. If you don't want to bother with all that, I would just make it as is, the kidney beans are a great protein, and then top it with fried/caramelized onions. There's so much flavor in the dish, I think it's a great one to make without meat.
Rivka June 19, 2013
Thanks Louisa! Great to know. I'll check it out.
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