Jam/Canning Classes for Professionals?

I love to jam and can- and I'm looking for classes to expand my skills. I've taken every class that my County offers and even taught a few. Anyone know of a jam school or classes?



SeaJambon June 29, 2013
If you go to the Blue Chair website, she also offers classes (would require a trip to SF -- how wonderful is that?!). I took a quickie class from her that was really a demo attached to promotion of her cookbook and found it quite interesting and informative -- especially her thoughts on flavor pairings and using lemon juice instead of pectin.
Bevi June 29, 2013
I love to jam and with your skill level, while researching classes you could pick up a few pointers from people on this site who jam, like Mrs. Wheelbarrow and Em-i-lis and Aargersi, all of whom have preserves recipes on site. So does Dymnyno. I like Blue Chair, and Mes Confitures for tips. .
smslaw June 29, 2013
Do you have the Blue Chair Jam book? If not, I recommend it for lots of recipes and tips. If you know how to make jam already, I doubt that a class will teach you much.
Hilarybee June 29, 2013
Thanks for the link about the online classes. I have taken the classes offered by my state extension--Ohio State which is quite large and I found the classes very helpful from a scientific standpoint.
I guess what I'm looking for is more of an artistic class, pairing flavors and other tips to make my jams and pickles better and more beautiful.
Pegeen June 28, 2013
Kripalu52 !
Pegeen June 28, 2013
Hilarybee, if you find a spa / wellness / yoga resort that also does canning, would you let us know? I'm there. I hope Food52 is looking at brand extensions. ;-)
Hilarybee June 28, 2013
SW Ohio but I'm willing to travel!
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