How do you get the shape of a chocolate chip?

Em Ma
  • Posted by: Em Ma
  • June 29, 2013


Maedl June 30, 2013
I think you are reading too much into my response. You can assume she wants to make chocolate chips. I can assume she would like to make a recipe calling for chocolate chips but can't find them so is looking for a way to make them. Not everyone has to interpret a question the same way. We have different backgrounds and experiences and more than one answer can be correct.
mensaque June 30, 2013
In the grand scheme of things,it doesn't matter if you get your chocolate chips from chocolate speacialty shops,or from a US comissary (either way,you get them!)or if I prefer mine from Garoto(a brazillian brand)over Nestlé's (wich I can find very easily cause it has lots of branches in Brazil).Or if I,again,agree with you that small chunks of good chocolate do the trick.What matters is that Emma does not want to buy them or to use chunks...She wants to make them and we're all trying to help her the best way we can.
SeaJambon June 30, 2013
Hear, hear Mensaque! Well said. :)
susan G. June 30, 2013
Historically, chocolate chips came from an accident in the kitchen of the Toll House Inn in 1937. Here's the story: -- a great story!
Since Ruth Wakefield just chopped up a Nestle's bar, you can do the same (with better chocolate, perhaps).
Maedl June 30, 2013
Of course there is baking outside of North America, but chocolate chips are a very minor part of baking in the grand scheme of thing. Further, chocolate chips were developed by Neslte's for the US market. If I want chocolate chips, I have to get them from a US commissary. Chocolate chip cookies are a very exotic dessert here, and it would be very odd for a local to make them.
mensaque June 30, 2013
Oh,c'mon Maedl...Sorry,but you can find chocolate chips overseas!There's baking outside North America!But I do agree with you that chocolate in small chunks work and taste better.
Maedl June 30, 2013
Emma, are you overseas and not having luck finding chocolate chips? If so, try small chocolate specialty shops--that's where I find them. Or if you just want to make something like chocolate chip cookies, get a hunk of good quality chocolate and break it into small pieces with an ice pick. You will have a much better quality of chocolate than you would with store-bought chocolate chips.
darksideofthespoon June 30, 2013
I'm sure you could take a #5 piping tip and pipe tempered chocolate if you're looking to recreate your own.
boulangere June 29, 2013
I'm a little confused. What are you trying to make? Are you trying to recreate chocolate chips, or pipe something else into the shape of chocolate chips? At the winter holidays, especially, I pipe meringues into the shape of essentially giant chocolate chips - more like large Hershey's Kisses now that I think about it.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 29, 2013
Have you visited an industrial bake shops online to see if they sell molds to create a chocolate chip?
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 29, 2013
oops, professional not industrial.

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SeaJambon June 29, 2013
Small, careful, piping.
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