Veggie leftovers, now what?

I have russet potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, onions and bean. Any ideas how to use them all?

Linda Carpenter


Raquelita July 4, 2013
If they're cooked and seasoned (I'm assuming, since you said "leftovers") then chop them small and add to a sturdy lettuce or spinach (pre-dress the greens with a touch of oil, salt and pepper) for a salad. Add a tart/mustardy dressing on top and you're good! Not to self-promote, but I do this all the time and document it at (I'm bad about tagging but anything tagged #cookedandraw is a take on this idea). Cheers to veggies--they make you powerful!
Kristen W. July 1, 2013
Or there's Tamar Adler's solution -- take any and all vegetable matter, chop it up and serve on toast with a drizzle of good EVOO and maybe a little shaved cheese, or some minced herbs (though maybe potatoes on toast would be overkill!).
susan G. July 1, 2013
My usual options have been mostly covered, I have a few more.
A hash brown type dish, or one modeled after a fried rice recipe;
a veggie burger -- mash everything (food processor or hand), add a thickener if needed (flour type or flakes like oatmeal, maybe an egg); salad: add a dressing you love, toss and marinate (maybe some raw ingredients like cukes, radishes, for a crunchy contrast). Or I'll just reheat ingredients and toss with one of the orphan sauces or condiments I have. Usually, delicious combinations result that you never could have planned.
HalfPint July 1, 2013
Make a burrito. Mix with scrambled eggs or tofu, cheese, salsa. Voila, breakfast burrito. Or lunch. Or dinner.
JAC July 1, 2013
Soup & frittata are great ideas! I do it all the time!
I often take leftovers like the ones you list, throw them in a pot with some stock and simmer till they are soft then I puree into a soup. My husband always looks forward to the "Thanksgiving Soup" that I whip up every year after the holiday. I will say that if you don't stop to think a minute about what is going into the soup then the color of the finished product could be less than lovely. Depending on the type of bean you may want to hold them out. You could toss them in with some rice or barley or any grain for a nice side dish.
lloreen July 1, 2013
If they aren't too mushy, you could make a frittata. Just reheat gently with olive oil in a skillet, pour in some beaten eggs with cream , and a dash of herbs of your choice. Viola! Dinner!
boulangere June 30, 2013
Perhaps purée the carrots and cauliflower, serve the rest of the vegetables over some quinoa or rice (if also leftover, more's the better), and drape the carrot-cauliflower sauce over it all.
ATG117 June 30, 2013
Toss them with a simple vinaigrette. And I feel like a broken record with the frittata suggestion, but I think its a great canvas for leftover "stuff." The cauliflower, carrots, and onion would also taste good mixed into a rice dish.

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drbabs June 30, 2013
Make soup! This one has a good base.
monica_m June 30, 2013
Those would make an excellent curry.
Monita June 30, 2013
Are they mashable? you could mix them with salmon, eggs, spices, bread crumbs and make patties that you fry and serve with buns and sauce.
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