Can I blend in any berry sauce to a cheesecake recipe and cook as is? I want it to be colored with the berries, not just covered in sauce

I am going to make cheesecake push pops for my son's first birthday. I want to do it in a Dr Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go colors...sooo I want to do layers of different flavored cheesecakes (blueberry, raspberry, orange, etc) Just curious why pretty much any cheesecake recipe that uses berries just uses them as a sauce and not blended in. Does this affect the cooking somehow? Would it be better to make a bunch of plain cheesecakes and whip in the berry sauce before putting them in the push pops?

Jodee Ross


AntoniaJames July 19, 2013
Very late to the party here, but I'd hesitate to fiddle with any cheesecake recipe to add an ingredient that would add moisture to the batter. Cheesecake is hard enough to get right, as it is. The idea is a great one, but I'd follow a reliable recipe to execute. Also, if using raspberries or blackberries, or any other berry with seeds, I'd strain the sauce first. The seeds might be overlooked in a sauce on top, but I'd find them a bit annoying baked into the cheesecake. Love the mango concept, too!! ;o)
Monita July 19, 2013
Here's an interesting berry cheesecake parfait recipe that might meet your needs
sdebrango July 19, 2013
I have never blended fruit sauce into cheesecake but remembered this recipe for a mango cheesecake, you could follow the recipe but sub blueberries, raspberries and maybe the orange zest for the mango.
Jodee R. July 19, 2013
OOOOOOOOH MANGO!! That's a fantastic idea....I think I'll do that one as well. Thanks!! I'll try it with just blending in the berries. I was thinking I'd make a sauce out of them by cooking them down with sugar. Still might have to mash them a bit so that it's better blended in than just bits, but this should work...this was also part curiosity...if you google raspberry cheesecake..for the most part its plain cheesecake with raspberry topping..:) Made me second guess things!
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