mini orange chocolate bundts

I'm planning to make this recipe:

I'll either be subbing yogurt or a milk/lemon juice combo for the buttermilk? Should i go for one over the other?

Also, if I'll be bringing these to a friend's a day after I bake them, when should I brush them with the simple syrup and add the ganache?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • July 27, 2013


petitbleu July 28, 2013
I would apply the syrup several hours before serving. That way, it has plenty of time to soak in and permeate the cake and add flavor, but not so ling that it makes the cakes soggy. Sounds like a really yummy recipe.
ATG117 July 27, 2013
Well, turns out I'll be using buttermilk, so now the only question is when I should apply the syrup. Thanks.
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