Strawberry Purée

Cocktail recipe calls for strawberry purée. Is it as simple as tossing berries in blender? Any other ingredients needed?

  • Posted by: Jo-ell
  • July 28, 2013


GavinAvery July 28, 2013
It may take a little time, but I place some sliced strawberries in a sieve and go at them with a spoon.
ATG117 July 28, 2013
Agreed, but you may want to strain the puree. Also, if the recipe doesn't call for any sweetener in the cocktail, I'd taste the puree to make sure it's as sweet as you'd like it to be.
JanetFL July 28, 2013
It is that simple! Just wash, stem and dry the strawberries before pureeing. You can add sugar or honey to sweeten, if desired... but if you're needing the puree for a cocktail recipe, it will tell you what to add.
Monita July 28, 2013
After blending the strawberries strain them but no need to add anything else
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