I want to make lavender ice cream the recipe calls for lavender flowers can I buy the flowers already grown and ready or will I have to grow

I live in Texas so growing them in this crazy weather



boulangere August 6, 2013
Most any natural food store sells lavender blossoms in at least two varieties: organic (for food applications), and non-organic (for potpourri). I trust you understand why the organic variety, while more expensive, is best for foods. The good news is that its flavor when dried is so concentrated that you need minimal amounts.
Catherine August 6, 2013
Thanks for the tips I appreciate it!!
Maedl August 6, 2013
You can use fresh lavender, but be sure it hasn't been sprayed. Look for pots of orgamic plants and use your nose to judge the scent.
Catherine August 6, 2013
Awesome I will try to look for some this week!
SKK August 6, 2013
I grow my own culinary lavender. It is easy to grow. Get starts, plant it and it will go on forever. Trena is correct about what kind to grow. Then dry the flowers and grind them in a coffee grinder. When cooking with lavender it is important to use a little bit, or it tastes like soap. Here is a recipe I love http://food52.com/recipes/13448-goat-cheese-spread-with-lavender
Catherine August 6, 2013
This sounds like a great recipe! Thanks!
Molly B. August 5, 2013
I buy my culinary lavender from Williams-Sonoma!
Catherine August 5, 2013
Thank you so so much!
Diana B. August 5, 2013
You could try Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table. If you have any gourmet food or health food shops near you, you might phone them to see if they carry certified organic lavender.
Catherine August 5, 2013
We have a great Williams Sonoma here!! Thanks so much for all your help!
Diana B. August 5, 2013
You can buy food-grade lavender at online sources like myspicesage.com, www.lavenderfarms.net, thespicehouse.com, even via amazon.com.
Catherine August 5, 2013
Do you know of any food store chains that might carry it also thanks so much for the answer I really want to check all these sites out!!
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