What are some opinions on cooking with frozen/ canned artichoke hearts. I feel that they're slightly sour,

Don't get me wrong I'm willing to stand there for an hour turning chokes, but I just wanted some thoughts on what people think of canned frozen chokes

James Durazzo


Beatrice,Romeo August 7, 2013
They are a bit sour when canned. What I always do is char grilled them, then marinate in olive oul, garlic, rosemary etc.. It just give that extra flavor you're longing for.
James D. August 6, 2013
I poached 12 fresh ones already, but it's skimpy,I feel that I need more, but I was thinking of adding some asparagus in with the micro balance it out.
Diane August 6, 2013
Depends on how you're using them, but you WILL notice the difference between the two. In a seafood stew, for instance, maybe you could mix them. But even in the "recipe" above (vermouth, etc) the texture difference would be obvious. Could you possibly go with all frozen?
James D. August 6, 2013
Do you think it's possible to mix fresh with frozen? I'm getting ripped off badly on fresh artichokes.
Diane August 6, 2013
Canned do seem sour (and mushy) to me, but I rather like frozen in some applications. Stir fried with a bit of vermouth and finished with butter, they shine. But nothing beats fresh!
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