Would pork chops be a good substitute for chicken? The husband is allergic to chicken.

  • Posted by: Annamf
  • August 7, 2013
Moorish Paella
Recipe question for: Moorish Paella


Josie M. August 7, 2013
Have you tried organic free range chicken? I knew someone once who was just allergic to Purdue chicken, which probably means they were allergic to the antibiotic/drugs that were given to their chickens.
ChefJune August 7, 2013
You would have to cut them into chunks. When chicken is put into Paella, it's cut into pieces, and not just the traditional sized ones you'd get at KFC... Actually, any meat or no meat can be used in Paella. It's a dish that varies with the region of Spain, what's available, how much money the maker has to spend at the time, etc. Squirrel, rabbit and other small game are frequently used.
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