A question about a recipe: Moorish Paella

Can chorizo be substituted for the lamb merguez in this? I'm not sure if the people who will be eating it actually like lamb and/or merguez. (Lamb is one of those "divider" foods, i've found: people either like it or, if they don't, they really don't like it.) If not chorizo, what would you use instead? Thanks so much. ;o)

Moorish Paella
Recipe question for: Moorish Paella


NWB December 1, 2011
Merguez is a good "starter" lamb for people who don't think they like lamb. They will just think they are eating very good sausage. Chorizo is definitely a good substitute, and also compliments a lot of the other flavors in the dish. Hope it turns out well!
hardlikearmour December 1, 2011
Flavorwise I think Spanish chorizo would work. Andouille would be another good choice in my mind. I wouldn't worry about the religious aspect of the name of the dish, unless you are cooking for someone who would!
pierino December 1, 2011
Slippery slope here. Morocco is a muslim country so they are not big on pork (chorizo). Maybe substitute something safe like chicken thighs or if you can sell it, goat.
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