The only pans I have that are large enough are nonstick pans... is this recipe not worth attempting until I get a nonstick paella pan? Or would i...

...t be OK with any tweaks

  • Posted by: TP3
  • November 8, 2013
Moorish Paella
Recipe question for: Moorish Paella


ChefOno November 9, 2013

I think Pierino phrased it perfectly -- a bit of crust is a good thing. However, none at all is far better than too much (please don't ask me how many times I've learned that lesson).

TP3 November 9, 2013
Thanks for the answers! Pardon the typo. To clarify, I meant to ask: Should I not even attempt the dish without a traditional stainless paella pan? Would the paella without soccarat just be disappointing? I'm ruling yes--though agreed, anything is better than going hungry!
ChefOno November 8, 2013

Paella is traditionally made in a wide, shallow pan to help the rice develop a toasty crust -- "socarrat" -- at the bottom. Non-stick pans hinder socarrat (and fond) development but, hey, better than going hungry!

pierino November 8, 2013
A traditional paella is NOT NON-STICK. It's stainless. And the name of the dish actually refers to the pan itself. Actually, you would/should welcome a bit of stickiness at the bottom.
ceeteebee November 8, 2013
You could probably make this in any sort of pan as long as it is large enough to fit everything, no?
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