Help! How to marinate Portabello mushroom strips to eat with peanut satay -thank you.

  • Posted by: PanJo
  • August 11, 2013


creamtea August 12, 2013
No need to peel mushrooms. Just wipe w/a damp paper towel! You can cut an "X" in the top and broil them too.
PanJo August 12, 2013
Yum, ceviche! I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never "cooked" a portobello. heat makes them quite soft (or is that because I peeled them first?). hmmm, portobello drizzled in espresso balsamic vinegar?
Declan August 12, 2013
Maybe drop the sauté. Marinate in something you like , but include lime or lemon juice. We're talking portobello ceviche! Agree with the other answers, but lets climb outside the box? I did this last week ... And it worked a treat
PanJo August 11, 2013
I so agree! I marinated a little piece in toasted seame oil and lemon juice, but found those flavors overpowered the shroom taste. Thank you!
bigpan August 11, 2013
I would quickly sauté in half-n-half butter and oil.
When I say quickly I mean about 30 seconds.
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