Blue tinted garlic in homemade quick pickled jalapenos.

I made quick pickled jalapenos last night, leaving them on the counter to cool. This morning, the garlic had turned bluish. I immediately tossed the garlic and drained and rinsed the jalapenos. Are they still safe to eat?

  • Posted by: walkie74
  • September 14, 2013


susan G. September 14, 2013
Here's the discussion on Hotline:
Diana B. September 14, 2013
Harold McGee, arbiter of all things chemical in cooking, indicates that the blue garlic is actually OK in the following article (page 2):

In the future, you can avoid by blanching the garlic before using, which inactivates the enzyme that causes the discoloration. If you Google "blue garlic canning," you'll find many discussions of this phenomenon in cooking/canning forums.
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