why can't I find buttermilk that is not reduced fat? Is it OK to use powdered buttermilk (reconstituted)? I've been using "reduced fat buttermilk" .

sylvia fox


Sam1148 August 12, 2013
If you do get powdered buttermilks....they aren't joking when they say put it in the freezer after opening.

That stuff turns into a brick very quickly once opened at room temp.
If you're looking for a great sour cream pancake recipe, try this one: http://www.mrbreakfast.com/superdisplay.asp?recipeid=1726. It's just like a buttermilk pancake -but even richer in taste.
If you're looking for full-fat in the recipe, but the leavening and flavor of buttermilk, just replace the amount of buttermilk with full fat sour cream. I find that it works even better than buttermilk in virtually all aspects (for baking at least)! (Not if you're making a batter for frying of course.)
ChefOno August 12, 2013

When a recipe calls for buttermilk, "low fat" is implied since that is (1) traditional and (2) virtually all that is available because (1) it's traditional and (2) that's virtually all that is available. I'm still curious as to why such a product would be desirable but add an ounce of cream to a quart of low-fat buttermilk and there you go.

rt21 August 12, 2013
Not sure where you live but garelick farms makes one, I'm on the east coast
ChefOno August 12, 2013

For most purposes powdered buttermilk works well and it doesn't spoil (if properly stored). More here:


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