Can you use powdered buttermilk dissolved in water for brining a chicken?

It's quite difficult to find buttermilk liquid form in our country, but I need this to use for brine for my fried chicken. Has anybody used powdered buttermilk dissolved in water as brine for chicken? How did it turn out? If not, will the buttermilk substitute (Vinegar/Lemon juice + Milk) give the same tenderness as actual buttermilk liquid when used for brining?

Michelle Lobendino


My F. May 8, 2017
I've not tried it, but so long as the powdered buttermilk available to you has cultured sweet cream buttermilk as the first ingredient it should work the same way in your brine chemically speaking. The only problem I see is that it may be hard to hydrate. My jar says to mix with other dry ingredients and then add water (4 tbsp powdered to 1 cup water) so it may take more than just a quick whisk.

You could also simply switch to a different kind of tenderizing brine; one with alcohol such as white wine and amino acids from soy sauce/worcestershire sauce plus maybe some vinegar 'with the mother' to add tangyness.
mstv May 7, 2017
I would use yogurt thinned with milk instead.
Michelle L. May 8, 2017
Thank you! But do you have any specific ratio of Yogurt to water? And what type of yogurt would you use?
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