And your mystery basket contains...

Fresh pork hock, Hatch chiles, savoy cabbage,okra,heirloom tomatoes...and of course our well stocked pantry. You can use some or all of the ingredients (did I mention grits?). What would you do, thrill seekers?

  • Posted by: pierino
  • August 14, 2013


WileyP August 21, 2013
Pierino, I respect your appreciation for the vile vegetable. Seriously I do. And I am oh, so happy you feel that way. For by doing so, I am certain that a trainload or two of the vile creation that were due to be delivered to my area have now been diverted to your area. I will, however, stand beside you and fight to the death for the right to cook and consume sus critters! ;]
David August 21, 2013
I would braise the hock and cabbage with sweet onion in stock and serve over grits or polenta. Roast the hatch chiles and make a new
mexico greenchile sauce that would top the braised hock and then serve as sides the okra grilled with a sweet corn black pepper butter and the tomatoes sliced with salt, olive oil and basil
brandon August 17, 2013
since the hock is fresh Id bone it out, then braise it. stuff it with cabbage, bacon, and mushrooms. chill, slice, bread on one side and pan fry. Id make a jus with the braise, and thicken it with the okra. set on the grits and garnish with frissee and coarse mustard.
bugbitten August 17, 2013
I'd love to play, but the basket has nothing I know anything about. How about a live chicken, some cucumber seed, and about nine months head start?
WileyP August 16, 2013
Ask or a do-over. I don't cook if there is any okra within half a mile.
pierino August 16, 2013
WileyP my friend, you and I are dwelling on different planets that are more than a half mile apart. I come from planet okra. I can't get enough of it. I love it in gumbo, deep fried, wok stir fried whatever. Bring it! And bring some pig too.
savorthis August 16, 2013
I would brown, then braise the hocks with onion, peach and some of the chiles, then shred the meat, strain and simmer the cabbage in the liquid until it reduced to glazey goodness adjusting sweet with a bit of lime. Meanwhile the tomatoes would slow roast with a bit of olive oil, s&p, thyme and garlic until browned in bits and then mashed into a jam. I would thinly slice the okra, crust it in cornmeal and make fries. Then the ham and cabbage would be piled on a toasted bun with a thin spread of mayo and a green of some sort, served with fries and jam.

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sexyLAMBCHOPx August 14, 2013
I would ask for another basket.
pierino August 14, 2013
Ha! But that's not an option.
loubaby August 14, 2013
I would braise the pork hock til tender, shred. Meanwhile, grill the chilies and okra, along with white onion; toss the peeled chilies , chopped okra, onion with pork hock and cumin, oregano, a little grits for binding and salt and pepper. I would use this filling and roll blanched savoy leaves with it. Make a fresh salsa with tomatoes, onions, etc and pour over the rolls; bake til tender and hot.
cucina D. August 14, 2013
I would braise the savoy cabbage with the ham hock, chilies, okra and tomatoes (using a combination of vegetable stock with dark beer or wine) and serve over creamy, soft polenta with tons of grated Italian cheese (Romano or Pecorino).
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