freezing figs

Lately there's been an abundance of figs in our farm box, and I'm getting worried that this latest batch is going to go bad before I have time to deal with them (not a bad problem to have, I know...). I have heard divergent opinions about the success of freezing figs. I generally prefer them cooked (roasted, especially), and I am wondering if freezing them will negatively affect texture in a cooked product. Opinions?

Kristen W.


Kristen W. August 25, 2013
Just read the post, Boulangere -- wonderful words that echo my sentiments about figs exactly. And it answered my question, to boot!
boulangere August 25, 2013
Thank you kindly, Kristen. I made French toast for breakfast this morning and topped it with some of the roasted figs. I may never be able to eat it any other way.
Kristen W. August 25, 2013
Thanks for the input!. And thanks, boulangere, for the link -- I will definitely check out your post.
boulangere August 24, 2013
I wrote a post on that very topic just the other day:
Diana B. August 24, 2013
They are a bit mushy after you freeze them, but perfect for making jam, which is all I've ever frozen them for. If you're thinking of making a similarly cooked product after freezing, I don't think texture would be an issue.
David August 24, 2013
I used to have your problem. I wish I still did. My experience is that roasted figs that are frozen and then warmed taste better than roasted figs made from frozen fresh. Depending on what you like and how many you have you can make fig jam, fig chutney, roasted figs stored in jars of brandy, dried figs(freeze very well)
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