Blackberry, Fig Cornmeal Cake Recipe Question

I have a couple questions about the Blackberry Fig Cornmeal Cake recipe. The recipe shows 1 ¼ non-dairy milk. Seems safe to assume it’s cups but I’d like to be certain. Also, if you’d be willing to share an opinion, I’m thinking I can use this as a “pour over” batter. In other words, instead of topping it with fruit I’m going to pour it over blueberries, peaches, and figs. Any thoughts on whether or not that will work with this batter? Thank you!!

Kristen Kemp


Nancy July 5, 2018
Kristen - great, thanks!
Yes I think you can make as pour-over.
Agree measure is probably milk.
Here's what I did and you can do next time you have similar question:
1) search web for same recipe by same or different author on web. Sometimes it's there and gives more info. This time not.
2) write directly to author (click on envelope in her profile). I'm waiting for answer.
Nancy July 5, 2018
Rebecca Firkser confirms it's 1.5 cups.
Ready, set, bake!
Nancy July 5, 2018
Typing error. Should be 1.25 cups.
YES it's milk.
Nancy July 5, 2018
Please add a link to the recipe for easy viewing.
Kristen K. July 5, 2018
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