use of trivet in bottom of canner

I found a small canner and have a silicone trivet that fits in the bottom, but it's solid--no cut-outs. Will this work OK or do I need one w/cut-outs to ensure even heating and water circulation? - thanks

  • Posted by: kate
  • August 25, 2013


smslaw August 26, 2013
I think you really need a proper rack to hold the jars, lest they bounce around and possibly break in the boiling water bath.
SeaJambon August 25, 2013
I agree totally with Diana, but in a pinch if you need a trivet (very important -- you don't want the jars resting right on the bottom of the pan as it increases the likelihood they will shatter) you can take the rings from canning lids and tie them together to make a trivet.
Diana B. August 25, 2013
A traditional canning rack that fits your pot would be even better because it allows water to circulate all around your jars, which is important to ensure all organisms are killed and that you get a good vacuum seal. No trivet can equal the performance of a proper canning rack.
Monita August 25, 2013
I would use one with cut outs to allow the water to evenly boil
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