lindsey shere's almond tart

probably best to hear from people who've made this. i used to make it often. the one problem i had was getting the bottom plate off. i could never get the knife all the way through cleanly. instead, some of the bottom crust would remain on w filling as well, often a lot. i could then patch it back, however and the tart retained it's proper appearance and could b cut into slices.

i'm wondering if the answer is to let the bottom plate stay on much longer. maybe the crust will b firmer and the tart can then b removed cleanly w a knife.



dinner A. March 1, 2018
David Lebovitz has many tips on making that tart, including releasing it from the pan, here:
alng4768 March 3, 2018
i just looked at his recipe and it does say to cool the tart entirely. it also has a tip for if it still sticks. so i should do much better. i was not using his entry about the recipe but rather getting it from another source that did not include the tip about cooling it. great that u mentioned referring to him. btw, i never felt the need to smash the "cornflakes" and i recall many other people saying they skip it. many thanks
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