What can be done with unripe calamyrna figs? I was given a crate of them and don't want to waste them.

These are large green spongy figs. Candy them? Can them? Roast them?



Diana B. August 27, 2013
David is right - they will not ripen further; I think you're looking at roasting them or making them into jam to get anything decent from them. See boulangere's recent post on roasting figs for one idea: http://thesolitarycook.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/david-lebovitzs-roasted-figs/
tiffanylee August 27, 2013
Thank you . I'm going to roast some and hope it improves the flavor. Thank you for the link.
David August 27, 2013
Figs typically don't ripen once off the tree. Unless they were picked almost ripe which it sounds like these weren't.
pierino August 26, 2013
Halve them and serve ripe with prosciutto or jamon serrano. I am doing this myself tomorrow.
David August 26, 2013
You can always make jam out of them. Try roasting some and if they're not special keep cooking them into jam.
tiffanylee August 27, 2013
I made jam last year with figs from same source and it was very bland and odd tasting, and not in a good way. I'm going to try roasting and then making jam as you suggest. Thanks
Gabriella P. August 26, 2013
Pickle them? http://www.bourbonandboots.com/yes-we-can-pickled-figs/

Or...dry them, then make fig honey! http://food52.com/recipes/23494-miele-di-fichi-fig-honey
tiffanylee August 27, 2013
Thank you. I'm going to try the honey recipe it sounds divine.
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