Fig butter recipe? Have figs will can!

Ideally for cheese plate?

Leslie O'Dell


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David September 20, 2013
I used to have fig trees and miss them this time of year. When I made fig butter I would trim and halve the figs(however many would fit in a large crock pot and lasagna pan in single layer...maybe 10-12 cups) roast them 400 oven with a cup of brown sugar dissolved in a cup of dark rum about 10 minutes. Then I put a split vanilla bean, a cinnamon stick, a few cardamon pods, and thick strips of orange zest cut with a veg. peeler in bottom of crock pot, mashed up the roasted figs and poured them in and added the juice of two oranges and about a cup of honey and cooked on low for 6-8 hours. Then just throw out all the pods and orange peel etc. While I made more fig jam and butter, I ended up using the fig chutney more than both the jam and butter.
I also like to roast the figs and stuff into mason jars and fill with dark rum or brandy.
Emiko September 20, 2013
What about this recipe for fig honey? I used dried figs but the original, traditional recipe uses ripe fresh figs, same method. It's wonderful with cheese.
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