I have everything I need for doughnuts except a rising agent... Will they taste the same?

No yeast, no baking powder/soda

  • Posted by: Ray
  • August 28, 2013


Maedl August 28, 2013
Beer might work--if you were trying to develop a recipe and were willing to make numerous efforts. But for something edible the first try? I doubt it!
Maedl August 28, 2013
Cannon balls are cannon balls! Don't waste your time trying to make doughnuts without leavening--you are setting yourself up for frustration. Get the yeast or baking powder and you'll have a better chance at making something edible!
HalfPint August 28, 2013
You could add some carbonated water (unflavored) to get some leavening. Or make a batter and fold in whipped egg whites.
Ray August 28, 2013
What are cannon balls lol?

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Maedl August 28, 2013
You can't make doughnuts without a raising agent--but you can make cannon balls.
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