Wondering if any of you have made an aigre-doux using whole mandarins / clementines (sliced, including the peel).

I found an enticing recipe that calls for segments; the book (an amazing resource, Paul Virant's "The Preservation Kitchen") also includes a recipe for Meyer lemon aigre-doux, using sliced lemons. The slices are so much prettier, plus they'd add a nice "bite." Your thoughts? Thanks, everyone. ;o)

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1 Comment

David August 30, 2013
I have made the meyer lemon one. I can't imagine that slicing across the mandarins and including the peel would be harmful in any way. The author of a blog I read made the mandarin orange recipe using segments, she also made a version using white wine and champagne vinegar and she had some thoughts about using smaller jars etc. Anyway here is her blog
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