Can this batter be made the night before, refrigerated, and cooked in the morning?

  • Posted by: annb123
  • September 2, 2013


David September 2, 2013
I think if you made this batter once you'd be surprised how quickly it will come together the 2nd time. You don't need to let any yeast rise so we're really talking 15 minutes including the time it takes to whip and fold in the egg whites. I would organize everything the night before, measure all dry ingredients etc. but make the batter in the morning. I'm certain whoever get's to eat them won't be concerned with an extra 15 minutes.
Rhonda35 September 2, 2013
You can blend the wet ingredients together, cover and store in fridge overnight. Mix together the dry ingredients, cover and store on counter overnight. In the morning you can blend the two together and make your pancakes. If you mix wet and dry together the night before, your pancakes won't be as fluffy because the baking powder/soda will have lost a lot of their rising properties.
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