Want to take chili pepper/beer/broth marinade for a beach trip-how long will the marinade keep before making contact with meat?

je mange


boulangere July 1, 2015
Your lovely marinade sounds quite simple. I suspect that the better question might be how long your meat can sit in the marinade. I'd suggest whisking together the marinade, pouring it into a large ziplock bag, adding the meat, then refrigerating it overnight before your expedition to the beach. Be sure to ice the bag(s) well before leaving for the (serious envy here) beach.
Susan W. July 1, 2015
Dried chili peppers? At least 3-5 days. You could also freeze it if you want. I often freeze things to extend the life for a couple of days. If fresh chilies, I'd keep them separate or they'll be mushy and disintegrate.
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