Flavor compound vs flavor oil

What is the difference and what would be used in French macaroons?



tiffanylee September 15, 2013
Thank you
Diana B. September 15, 2013
If you Google "passion fruit flavor compound," you'll find several online sellers. Looks like it's sold in wholesale quantities, so you might call one of the sellers and find out which retail stores in your vicinity they distribute their product to. There's bound to be one in Seattle, I would think. Have you phoned Savour Specialty Foods in Seattle to see if they've got it? Even if they don't, they may have an idea where you could buy it.
boulangere September 15, 2013
Flavorings (and colors, for that matter) are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Those that will flavor macarons are water-soluble, as egg whites are enormously high in water. Oil-based flavorings (fat-based) will actually cause the whites in your macaroons to separate because they cause protein molecules (of which egg whites are, principally) to literally separate. You can certainly make passionfruit macaroons with a passionfruit base. Please let us know that your formula is so we can help you fine-tune it.
tiffanylee September 15, 2013
Italian meringue method
165 grams almond flour
165 grams confectioners sugar
Pinch of salt
115 grams aged egg whites
3 grams cream of tartar
150 grams superfine sugar
4 drops gel or 6 drops liquid food coloring

3 tablespoons passion fruit flavor compound
And the food coloring added at the macaronnage stage.

Recipe from Les Petits Macarons

I am not familiar with flavor compounds,or flavor oils. I believe a local cake specialty shop carries a wide variety of flavor oils, but I'm not sure how to substitute the oil for flavor compound or if its possible. I have just purchased the recipe book and there are many fabulous flavor combinations that I want to try. I'm new to making this type of macaron, but I have successfully made vanilla bean, and plain so far. I would prefer to purchase flavorings locally rather than through the Internet. I live 15 miles north of seattle and would like to shop locally if I can. I don't know what flavor compound is or if its something that can only be purchased online. Thank you for you input, I appreciate it.
David September 15, 2013
Here's a blog with a lot of resource info on making macarons
Diana B. September 14, 2013
I think a flavor compound is the actual chemical component or spice with the flavor, while flavor(ed) oil would be oil flavored with a compound or spice, either by heating the oil with the compound or spice and then letting it cool, or by macerating the compound in room-temperature oil. You wouldn't use an oil in the making of the meringue part of a macaroon, as any oil or grease would prevent the egg whites from whipping, so if you're flavoring the meringue, I would think you'd use the spice or compound. Maybe if you expanded your question a little, we'd be able to be more helpful.
tiffanylee September 14, 2013
Thank you for the information. I want to flavor macarons and my recipe book says not to use extract. There is a cake shop nearby but I think most of there flavorings are oils, I believe there were only two flavor compounds (being raspberry and banana). I was hoping to make passionfruit macarons. I wonder if there is a way to add flavor oil at some other point in the process as not to ruin the meringue? Thanks for your help, its very much appreciated.
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